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2814 Washington Blvd. & 9th Street (Clarendon) 
Arlington, VA 22201
703 248 9500
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Handmade Wigs

Because time is of the essence we can hand make a wig for you in only a couple of days and sometimes even on the same day, we can use human hair from our extensive inventory, you may provide the hair of your choice, or we may order true remy hair (remy means hair with cuticles or virgin hair)

You don’t have to be a professional model or a celebrity to enjoy a custom hand made wig to suit your styling needs. Cost is very affordable, please come for a consultation.






Handmade Wigs and Wig Repair: Handmade wigs can be made almost overnight. We have a very large selection of human hair ready to be sewn into a handmade wig just for you. Made with your own measurements to fit you perfectly, with proper care handmade wigs can last for up to 9 months. We use only Remy hair to make sure you will enjoy a handmade wig almost maintenance free.

What is the difference of wearing a handmade wig from a regular wig? Well a handmade wig will be semi permanently attached to your head with a spiral hair weave.

You will be able to shampoo it in the shower, go swimming, ride a motorcycle and be as active as you would like to be.

If anything happens to your handmade wig, we will be ready to do any kind of repairs, add hair to it, make it longer or fuller, repair the base, etc.

Nothing like a handmade wig to get the hair of your dreams be very comfortable, and look super natural.

Wig repair is one of the strongest parts of Abelyne hair salon.

It doesn’t matter how damaged your wig is, our repairs will make your wig look as new. Wig repairs are very affordable and fast to be completed. Many days we do same day or while you wait wig repairs.

2814 Washington Blvd. & 9th Street (Clarendon)  Arlington, VA 22201
703 248 9500 and 703 522 7069
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