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Spiral Hair
Before Spiral Hair
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Spiral Hair Spiral Hair

SPIRAL is a hair extension technique which last anywhere from 2-3 months. Depending on the length usually takes about 3-5 hours. If you would like to add length to your hair or to add thickness until your own hair is where you would like it to be, this is a great solution.

The most common clients who receive the service have chemically damaged hair, thin spots, or alopecia. Your hair will be put at rest on a spiral row which was designed to avoid pressure at any point of your scalp, this will allow your hair to rest, get healthier and stronger while you put all the constant rigors of styling on the attached hair, you will feel very comfortable and look very natural. You will need maintenance appointments every month which include shampoo, style and adjustments due to the hair growth.


Q: How we do it?
A: We take all of your hair on a spiral row to avoid any traction pulling at any point of the scalp and promote the natural growth of healthier hair. It is not bulky!
Q: Is the spiral comfortable?
A: It is very comfortable to wear and very healthy for the hair to become stronger, and healthier.
Q: Who are the best candidates for spirals?
A: those that suffer from chemically damaged hair, alopecia, small or big bald spots, lupus, very thin hair, hair that grows too slow, chemotherapy hair loss, etc.
Q: How often can I shampoo it?
A: As often as you like with any kind of shampoo you like.
Q: How long it last?
A: It last for up to 3 months with proper care it may last longer.
Q: How about maintenance?
A: You need to come to the salon at lease once per month to keep it tight to the scalp, make sure all the lines are in place, and proper cleansing of your scalp.
Q: Can I change the color of the hair?
A: No! only to a darker color, but is better not to do it, the human hair used is been colored and processed to create texture.
Spiral Hair: Getting a spiral hair weave done is the best solution for those who suffer from hair breakage, thinning hair, bald spots, damaged hair, hair that needs to be put away. The spiral is the best option.

The way we do it is by taking the existing client's hair on a continuous row as a spiral. Without creating any tension at any given point of the head, allowing the hair to keep growing healthier, stronger, and free of chemicals, free of the constant rigors of shampooing and hot styling tools.

Spirals last for up to three months. Then can be done with tracked hair, or they can be done with lace wigs and also with handmade wigs.

To create a natural looking hair spiral we need to choose the hair that will be easy for you to maintain. Maintenance can be done at the salon or at home. Shampooing a spiral in the shower is the best option if you don't have the time to come to the salon. But it is important to keep salon visits to make sure that the spiral is being kept in place. That the client's hair is growing in a healthy way. To make sure that your hair is growing naturally the spiral must not be kept longer than 4 months.


1609 N Kirkwood Rd Arlington VA 22201
571 970 5606
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