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Permanently straightens hair while repairs damaged hair fibers and split ends. The only permanent hair straightening system that takes only 1-2 hours with absolutely no damage to the hair. The main ingredient is natural keratin which is the main protein of the hair. Lacio delivers a glow-shiny mane and is the ultimate in sexiness and chic. Give your blow-dryer to your worse enemy and avoid destroying the beauty of your hair. Suitable for all hair textures except african hair.
Below are some pictures of clients who have received Lacio.
The hair has not been is touched up or altered.
Lacio Lacio
Abelyne has a very large selection of Black Lace front hair wigs in all colors, textures and lengths. Black lace front hair wigs can be attached without glue. The attachment will last for up to 3 months. While you have the Lace front hair wig attached without glue, you will be able to do all the normal things people do to their natural hair, such as; shampoo in the shower, brush it and condition it. You may also blow dry the lace front hair wig or just let it dry by itself.

There are many pictures of black hair lace front wigs online; it is for sure that Abelyne has it in stock, ready for you to try it on.

Black lace front hair wigs are made with Remy permed hair, the type of hair that can also be coarser or finer depending on the client’s requests. Lace front hair wigs made for the African American or Black hair can be texturized to look as it is natural black hair. The textures are; kinky straight, kinky curly, kinky tight, kinky Spanish, kinky coarse, kinky fine, etc.

Black lace front hair wigs have a lace in different types of browns, such as light brown, medium brown, dark brown. The hair attached to the top of the wig is injected, so that when you are working at a desk or seated, whoever is standing will see the top of your hair same as if the hair were naturally coming out of the scalp one hair at a time is injected with the knots bleached to create the most natural appearance.

Black lace front hair wigs if they are permanently attached, they will last from 9 to 12 months. With regular maintenance of every 3 months.
2814 Washington Blvd. & 9th Street (Clarendon)  Arlington, VA 22201
703 248 9500 and 703 522 7069
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