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Hair Systems
Remy Remi Human Hair, Hair Systems Washington DC.
If you have had problems with hair thinning or hair loss due to sickness, alopecia, medications, chemotherapy or just for any other reason, and would like a more permanent solution than a wig, this is the perfect solution. We will measure your head for a perfect fit, choose a hair texture and color and send the instructions overseas for hand manufacturing which usually takes from 8 to 10 weeks. The hair system will last from 6 to 12 months depending on the way you take care of it, you will be able to sleep, shower and ride a convertible or a motorcycle is undetectable, very comfortable to wear, versatile to style and super natural looking.

Once we put it on, it will be permanently attached, your own hair will go through and blend it with the other hair; you may brush it and style it on different ways.

YES! Shampoo, swim with it, blow dry it, or sleep on it.  It's so comfortable you will forget you've got it on. It requires maintenance every two months and with proper care it will last one year or longer.

  Our custom hair systems are hand made with the highest quality REMI human hair from young girls. Our exclusive Hair Systems are manufactured in a wide variety of base designs as thin as a panty hose with an all natural looking finish to provide a complete non-surgical hair replacement solution for the best hair loss treatment. The following are the benefits of wearing our custom hair system:

bullet Natural hairline
bullet Invisible front with or without scallop
bullet With or without bleached knots
bullet All net, fine welded monofilament
bullet Brush in any direction
bullet Part on either side
bullet Handmade
bullet Custom-made to your hair color and highlight
bullet Undetectable Base
bullet Light, strond, durable
bullet Made for any hair type
bullet Breathable
hair hair hair
Hair Systems Hair Systems
Q: Can I sleep, swim, or shower with the hair system on?
A: YES, but please avoid sun exposure which will fade the color of the human hair.
Q: How long a Hair system last?
A: The hair system last from 9 to 12 months depending on the quality of the human hair ( if in order to match it to your own the hair needs to be extra or double processed) then taking into consideration that we are working with human hair, it will last less than expected, but if you order hair without curls or waves and just a basic hair color, then the life of the hair will be longer, also is important to use a special shampoo and conditioner to keep the hair natural shine.
Q: How long can I keep it on?
A: Up to 3 months, but you will need professional supervision at least once per month.
Q: What is a tight?
A: The original lines on your own hair to attach the Hair system get out of control when the hair is shampooed, it gets very sleek and slides out of the lines, or pushed up from the natural hair growth, coming to the salon at least once per month for shampoo and tight will keep your hair system in place and more comfortable to wear.
Q: Can I open parts?
A: Of course, you will have a very natural looking full of hair scalp, and styling in different ways will be a normal thing to do.
Q: Can I remove it myself?
A: No! when we attach it we take your hair in very small lines that are very delicate to be removed, if not trained to work with hair systems your hair may experience breakage.
Q: Can I change the color of my hair system?
A: The color can be changed only to a darker color, if harsh chemicals are applied such as lighteners or non-professional use chemicals, the hair will deteriorate.
Q: Can I brush the hair system?
A: It needs to be brushed or combed, but in a very delicate manner, remember that hairs been attached by hand using a special technique of inserting one hair at a time, if you brush or pull hard the hair may begin shedding.
spacerRemy Remi Human Hair, Hair Systems Washington DC.

There are two very different types of hair systems available; Stock and Custom. The names should indicate the biggest difference between them.

Stock Hair Systems - these are mass produced according to the most common color graduations and sizes. Because they are sold "as is" and off-the-shelf, they can be a very inexpensive way to buy. However, many people have a more unique (or larger) hair loss pattern than the standard horseshoe shape.

Custom Hair Systems - the obvious benefit to a custom system is the level of measurements that are taken for your specific size and pattern of hair loss. Getting an exact color match and organic graduation into your own natural growing hair is also an important detail to achieving an undetectable look.

On top of the added levels of detail, a custom hair system is often made from lighter materials. (Often thought to be the most important part of a hair system)

How is a hair replacement system attached?

There are three popular attachment methods these days; clips, glue or tape. Glue (often called bonding adhesive) and tape are used by well over 90% of hair wearers because they both offer a more secure attachment. Most people also believe that using adhesive or tape helps to achieve a more natural appearance.

A hair system attachment can last up to 4 weeks using stronger glues or tape with more tack. However, many people prefer to use tape so they can take their system off every night or after a few days of wear.

The most common problem for men and women who wear hair replacement systems is attachment. You have a sea of options to choose from and since we're all different, one size doesn't always fit all.

It is important to use natural hair care products to keep your hair system looking natural and lasting as long as possible.


Remy Remi Human Hair, Hair Systems Washington DC, Best Hand Made Hair Loss Systems Washington DC Md VA.
1609 N Kirkwood Rd Arlington VA 22201
571 970 5606
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