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Cranial Protheses and Insurance Coverage


If a person requires additional hair while undergoing Alopecia or cancer-related therapy, they may be eligible for reimbursement under their health insurance plan? Usually Doctors issue a prescription for patients who have lost their hair resulting from several medical conditions such as alopecia areata (a genetic disorder affecting the autoinmune system), trichotillomania, chemotherapy, radiation or any other clinical disease or an Rx prescription treatment resulting in hair loss or baldness.

Replacement of lost hair will help protect disease-weakened immune systems from ultraviolet radiation as well as regulating the bodies' temperature.

Many health plans provide coverage. Cost varies greatly but these pieces may be considered medical expenses, often tax deductible. Your state sales tax also may be fully refundable helping to defer cost

If you file an insurance claim for reimbursement for a hair weave, you will very likely be turned down; at Abelyne we know how to make it happen for you, we know how to do it.

Insurance Companies are realizing your "hair additions" are more and more a necessity for those recovering from Alopecia, cancer treatments, and many other hair loss medical conditions. Most insurance companiesʼ covers between 80 to 100% please let us handle it for you If you don't have insurance, contact your state or county agencies. The county department of social services offers medical assistance in most states for individuals who meet certain income guidelines.

Any other questions you might have just e-mail to abelynehair@yahoo.com

Model with Hair Loss Before

Model with Hair Loss After

Nina Gutierrez, (Hair Prosthesis Designer) has made wigs for Broadway, and designed hair-additions continuously for movie productions, off Broadway, TV and the most beautiful men and women that daily come to her salon.


In order to get reimbursed from your insurance company, you need first to consult with a Dermatologist. If he gives you a prescription for a cranial prosthesis, then you call your insurance company and ask them how much is the allowance per year? We will issue proper documentation to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.


2814 Washington Blvd. & 9th Street (Clarendon)  Arlington, VA 22201
703 248 9500 and 703 522 7069
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