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How Abelyne Started
Nina Gutierrez and the begining of Abelyne
Driving from New York on my way to the South, my car broke down in Falls Church Virginia, unable to fix it due to lack of funds, I just lived in the car for a couple of months with my son who was just a little boy. Eventually I was able to rent a room on a basement, found full time employment, save for the down payment to buy a one bedroom condo that cost $ 32, 000.00 and continue to work, study, raise my son, and dream for a better future.
Working with chemotherapy patients I discover that hair loss is a devastating condition that makes people depressed taking away from their lives their self stem, fascinated with the idea of helping women to replace their lost hair, I was always experimenting on myself, attaching many different strands of human hair, self hand made hair pieces, etc. Until I decided to open a small salon to offered my services, it was a very difficult task because I didn't have money to invest, with lots of sacrifice I managed to lease an small store front, my son helped me to remove a filthy carpet, painted the walls, etc.
Once I was open for business, I spend most of my time on the streets praying and giving flyer's to potential customers, when I was loosing faith, my telephone rang for the first time, I got my first customer who was treated like a queen, she in return send me her relatives and friends, who also send theirs and very soon my little salon was so full of customers and revenues were steady.
I remember once a doctor came for services, he was very pleased with the outcome and promised to send me customers, he asked me to use my telephone, called someone and this are his words; " Hey, I am here with Nina, you won't believe what a great work she does, the place is a dump, but her work is outstanding". I supposed that call with so many praises should made me feel great, but no, I was very hurt to hear that he called my salon a dump, and made it my goal to save as much as possible to one day have a beautiful salon. 5 years later I moved to 1925 N Rosslyn St, I leased the full first floor of the building, I felt as if I was on Park Ave in New York. By then I was more business oriented and went to open other salons in PG County and Baltimore MD, because my clients were coming from all over the country and even overseas, I wanted to be able to offer as many locations as possible.
Then the supply of good quality human hair became very difficult and I started traveling to the Orient in search of human hair factories, after a few trips to Korea and China, I was offered a joint venture to open a factory in China, my job was to create all the hair designs, take the production out of China and sell hair all over the US, Canada and the Caribbean. I always thought that the revenues I was making were not going to be permanent, and never went crazy spending in luxuries or anything like that, our life was very simple and all of my profits were being invested in real estate.
After living in China for a few years, traveling to manage my salons in the US. I found myself with almost no time for my son, who was being cared by my sister and my mother, I became very tired, had no time not even to count the money I was making, and decided to cut off China, remain in the States, dedicate more time to my son, enjoy some of the earned benefits, get back my family life, etc. But very soon I became bored with my slow pace new life, and decided to open ABC beauty school, to help other women like me achieve financial success, this new activity gave me lots of spiritual rewards helping hundreds of students to learn a trade and find them employment, many times we were teaching cosmetology and English at the same time.
Many people that know my humble beginnings, ask me; how did I did it? my answer is that the highest motivation in working long hours was not only the need for financial relief and professional accomplishments, but the responsibility to know that the baby I carried in my arms needed hope for a better future, and it was up to me to make it happen. I have dedicated my life to build a business that makes a valuable contribution to the community, I went from living on a car to travel the world, establishing business ventures in foreign markets, I never stoped taking courses and learning different programs, I speak fluently Spanish, English and French, someone once asked me; which is the universal language? I almost said English, but then I changed my mind, the universal language I truly believe is a dream...
My message to you is: "Hold to your dream and make it your priority" and treat everybody the same way I would treat my own son".
Nina Gutierrez
Nina Gutierrez, (Hair Prosthesis Designer) has made wigs for Broadway, and designed hair-additions for movie productions, off Broadway, TV and the most beautiful men and women that come daily to her salon.

In April, 1991 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC with approximately 300 interviews with U.S. Representatives and staff members, Nina Gutierrez represented and lobbied for the many patients in Virginia who are not covered by insurance companies for hair prostheses.
Court Appointed Advocate for abused children, SCORE counselor for start-up business, entrepreneurial trainer.
1609 N Kirkwood Rd
Arlington VA 22201
571 970 5606
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